Thursday, September 16, 2010


So our first game was a success!! We won!! It was a pretty intense game too. We scored first and not too long after that they would score and it kept going on like that the whole game! It came down to like the last two minutes and they were ahead, and we were able to get one last touchdown!! woot!! It was pretty exciting. This weekend we head to Dallas to the Cotton Bowl. It kind of sucks though because we are leaving early Saturday morning and coming straight back after the game. But oh well, at least we get to go.  So school and band council and TBS has been keeping me crazy busy! I kind of like it though because without band and TBS I would probably just be in my room all day which is no fun.
   The weather this week has been pretty nice. I hate the crazy heat that we have here in Texas. I can't wait for the weather to start cooling down....Well it has been forever!! We had our second game now and it was our away game. We went to the Cotton Bowl!! Woot!! We won again! It was so hot humid outside! One of the dancers passed out and a bunch of the band people were pretty close to passing out also. It was ridiculous!! I have never experienced heat like that before. Once the second half started though a really big cloud ended up covering the sun and it felt so much better! So the second half of the game was so much more exciting than the first half. Way to go Rams!!

Our next game is the 25th of September!! It is family day!! My family is coming of course, and also.... my most favorite cousin is coming too!!! I am super super super excited!!!! Hmm.. what else.... My mom told me that if I make and A in math she will pay for me to get another tattoo!!! I really want another one!!! But then again I don't think I have ever made an A in any math class that I have taken ever. So we will see what happens. TBS rushes have started, not too many people have been coming to the rushes so I hope we can talk some people into coming to the rushes and joining! I have recently dyed my hair black also. Not too many people have noticed, but oh well. Not really anything else has changed so I hope you guys are doing good!

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