Friday, August 27, 2010

First week of classes

Hi guys! Well I hope the first week of classes went well, for everyone that actually started on Monday. My classes... They aren't too bad. The only class I really hate is math. Math is my WORST subject so I am taking remedial math. I hate it! The first day of class she lectured and assigned homework. Got to work on the bazillion problems she gave us. I checked them to make sure they were all right so I can start off good. I walk all the way across campus to my class. I sit down and open my backpack to take my folder out....and what do you know... I left my math folder in my dorm!!!!! I was so mad at myself!!!! So I am already starting off bad with that class. I hope I survive! Other than that my week was good. Band practice was cancelled for Friday which was pretty exciting so I was done at 11am!

The second day of class

     So on another note. I have never had my eyebrows waxed before. I am a big chicken. Well my friend was saying that she needed to go get hers done, so I told her to tell me when she goes so I can go with her and get mine done too. Well I was talking to my roommate about how bad it hurt. She made is sound horrible! So we walked into the nail salon and tell them we want our eyebrows waxed. She OK and had us sit down. Well I have seen people get theirs done before and usually they take them to a back room and do it there. Well not where we went! They did it right in front of everyone! Which made me even more nervous because I didn't know how I would react when the lady pulled the strip off my face. So turns out it doesn't really hurt. She did my left eye first and it got a little bit watery but it was nothing like I had imagined. I know now that I can go get them waxed instead of me plucking them!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rambunctious weekend!

 Rambunctious weekend kicks off the start of the school  year here at ASU. It also signifies the end of early week!! So it has been a super crazy busy week for the members of the Ram Band! It has been so hot out and man it's a killer. My treasurer duties have started for band council and that has been keeping me pretty busy also. I think I am getting in the hang of the treasurer job so things should go smoother as the season goes by. It is pretty exciting that my section consists of more than 1 piccolo and 2 flutes like it did last year. My roommates are all moved in also and I like them so far. Oh! and the fire alarm has already gone off 2 times and school hasn't even started yet. Really guys learn how to make popcorn and it'll make life easier for all of us. Amy is here now too and I am excited for all the craziness for this year. My friends from Killeen are here too and man... one of them complains way too much. But she is my friend and I've learned to deal with it. I am almost done decorating my room and I love it so far!!! Just a few more finishing touches and it'll be done! I am read for classes to start and football games!! Woot! Oh! My most favorite cousin has joined the bloggin world also you should go follow her,!
 School starts tomorrow!! Good luck to everyone that is still in school!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tomorrow is the day!!

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow!!! Tomorrow I am going back!!! I am so excited!! If you can't tell already!! I think I have finally finished packing. I procrastinated big time!! Well I had everything packed except for my clothes. I have a lot of clothes though so yeah that took a while. I finally finished about 10 minutes ago. So today my mom and Tim took me to Chili's for my last dinner here. It was yummy!  I went to the pool one last time today with my sister and a friend hoping he would be there, but he wasn't...oh...well. I am so ready for football games!!YAY YAY YAY! Well keeping it kind of short today. I have a 5k tomorrow bright and early in the A.M. Then we are packing up the truck and heading to Angelo!! Well that's all for now!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

6 Days and Counting

I have 6 more days until I am back in Angelo!!! I am super super super excited!!!!! I have a week to pack all my stuff again. My week on the other hand has been kind of boring. I hung out with some old high school friends on Saturday! That was lots of fun. We went to the pool and got asked to go to a party. My friends didn't want to go though, and I sure wasn't going to go alone, so we didn't go. Oh well. It was really nice seeing them though!! Other than that nothing exciting. So the coming week will consist of cleaning and packing, and hopefully going to the pool a couple more times. Oh!! So today was the start of football!!! My mom is a die hard Cowboys fan and football season can get kind of crazy in this house, she yells at the TV as if she is at the actual game, it's kind of funny actually. And also today I was annoying my family with random facts. I found some pretty interesting ones!! Did you know that Walt Disney was afraid of mice! Did you know that a dogs nose is like a human finger print, they are all different. Did you know that Bill Clinton was in 3 pornos. Did you know... are you annoyed yet?? Haha I could keep going on and on but I won't, I guess that's all for now. Have a good week!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Love Yourself No Matter What!

Ok so I came across this picture, and I give major props to this girl whoever she is. I know that would not be able to do that. I wish I was confident enough to pose for a picture like that. Well I guess this brings me to talking to all the girls out there who hate or don't their bodies. I know that I am far from the skinniest or prettiest girl out there but I accept that. I wish that you all could accept yourselves the way you are. You are perfect just the way you are!! When you aren't feeling too good about yourself go out and do something special. Go get your nails done, buy some cute new clothes etc. I like to dress up! It makes me feel pretty!! So when you aren't feeling too good about yourself don't mope around, do something that makes you feel good and go show your confidence out to the world!!!

Well hope you have a good shark week!!!

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