Friday, November 19, 2010


So it has been a really long time since I have posted something. I have been so busy! Marching is coming to close. It is always bittersweet. We had our last game last weekend and it was a pretty good game I think we won lol, it's been a while I don't remember lol. So the semester is almost over also and it flew by!! I'm ready to start with new classes and new people. I really like meeting new people even though I am shy. My classes have been going pretty good except for math. But I am trying soo hard to pass. The thing I am most excited for is getting an MC class for TBS next semester!
    My girls and I have been having lots of fun hanging out also. We have had our little fights here and there but it was nothing major. I love them all!! I guess I cant tell you all about them since you probably don't know who "the girls" are lol.

    Well first there is Ashley, or Ash. I met her last fall semester when I joined TBS. I never knew or talked to her before that and now we are always together. She is the greatest! To tell you all the truth, when i first met ash i didn't really like her. But having to hang out with her got us closer and then I realized hmm she is cool after all!!

   Then there is Amy. I also met her last fall semester but we really didn't become friends till spring semester last year. She is Ash's roommate so hanging out with ash is how I met her. Amy is CrAzY!! lol I love that we can act crazy together lol. (I can't do that with everyone). I can tell her just about anything and I am grateful for that.
   Next there is Jerica!!!! Oh man... So we met my junior year in high school and she was a sophomore. We are both in band and play the flute too. She is a pretty shy person and so am I so we got along pretty well. We are always together and we have lots of good times. I am soo grateful to have her as a friend. In high school I didn't have a car she did, so she drove me everywhere! Now I am a sophomore here at ASU and Jerica is a freshman.. Yup she followed me here. What a great friend huh?? I am glad she did. We have been apart for a whole year last year so having her with me again is awesome!! We have definitely had our moments in high school were we didn't get along but we have pushed through that and I am sooo glad we did. I love you Jerica!!!
    And lastly there is Amanda. I met her my junior year in high school also just like Jerica. We all played and still play the flute in marching band. I met Amanda and because of Amanda is how I met Jerica. But like Jerica, Amanda followed me here to ASU. So it it great us being all together like it was in high school.

I am soo happy for the friends I have and alllll they do and have done for me :):):):):):):):):):):):):)


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