Friday, July 30, 2010

Me and Ash's Adventure in Austin!!!

Ash came to visit me this past Sunday and I was super excited all day Sunday until she got here. As soon as she got here we took off to San Antonio to DCI, which is Drum Corps International. It was my first time going and I was amazed!!! They were sooooo good! We had a friend that had tried out for one of those bands and made it!! It was so cool watching her march!! Well the next day which was Monday we headed to Austin to watch Inception in the IMAX. I had never been to an IMAX movie before (yeah I am pretty lame I don't do anything or go anywhere haha) Any who the movie was really good. Well before the movie started we had time to spare so we walked to the Capital. We opened the door and there were two security guards there ready to check my purse. They had me put my purse in a bucket and walk through a metal detector, I walk through and what do you know... It starts to beep. I had pepper spray in my pocket. It was just Ash and I walking around Austin, you never know what could happen. Well anyways when the metal detector beeped another security guard said " Uh oh this girl is trouble." I pulled the pepper spray out of my pocket and said "It's just pepper spray" as I pulled it out to show him he said " You better not spray me because I'll spray you right back!" Then it was Ash's turn to go through the metal detector and... it beeped also. The security guard then said "Man.. these girls are trouble." Turns out it was just her belt. It was funny that they kept messing with us and it didn't hurt that they were pretty hot too!! We didn't stay long because it was time for the movie to start but it was a fun little adventure. 2 more weeks!!!

Have a good weekend!!!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


"If you don't understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child."- Linda Sunshine

So my sister and I have been getting along pretty well this summer. Which doesn't happen all too often. My sister and I don't really get along. We probably fight more than we act like real sisters. I always wish I had a sister that was closer to my age that I could tell stuff to. My sister and I are 6 years apart and I don't feel comfortable telling her my secrets like I would tell some of my friends. I think me going off to college kind of helped our relationship since we don't see each other everyday. Hopefully as she gets older and more mature we will be closer. She came up to me one day and told me she predicted the future and this is what she said, "Jay when you move out and start your life I see us not even talking anymore." I really don't want that to happen. She is so annoying!!! But hey what are sisters for right? All I have to say is I don't want her prediction to come true. I want to be that older sister she can come to when she is having boy troubles or fighting with her friends or whatever it may be. I want to be that older sister that I never had. So if you and your sister or brother don't get along try harder, you might regret it if you don't.

My Sis and I

Monday, July 19, 2010

One Month!!!!

I can't wait!! :D

I have about a month until it is time to go back to San Angelo. I can't wait to hang out with the girls again! ASU it has been too long and now I am ready to go back. I have 2 new roommates this year along with Shakitha, who was my roommate last year. I'm excited to meet them. Thanks to facebook I have talked to both of them and they both seem really nice. I am excited to see all my brothers and sisters again too!! The fall is my favorite time of the school year because of marching band!! WOOO!! I love performing for the people during the football games even though half of them probably don't pay attention. I like football too thanks to my mom. She loves the COWBOYS!!

On another note, I have an exciting weekend already planned!!! A family friend is coming to visit on Friday and they are bringing their adorable babies!! Then on Sunday Ash is coming to visit too! We are going to go to DCI!! I've never been and have only seen them on TV so I am pretty excited!!!

Well I hope you all have an AMAZING week!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a week!

It's been awhile,

Well last week was pretty fun. Went to North Carolina to see my brother's AIT graduation. I am so proud of him! He was in the top 20% of his class too! I enjoyed going to Ft. Bragg. It has been awhile since I had been there. My stepdad was stationed there when I was little. So I have a friend from high school that joined the Army too, and he was stationed there at Ft. Bragg also. I was excited hoping that I would be able to see him, but I didn't. After we left North Carolina we headed to Tennssee to visit with Tim's (stepdad) family. I really like going to visit them they are really nice. Tim's aunt Thelma was the one who got me interested in scrapbooking. She helped me start my first one!

Well I would like to leave you all with these sayings to say 5 times fast. It's kind of funny how they come out when you say them fast.

  • Red leather, yellow leather
  • Road work
  • Unique New York
  • Roaring river of white rapids
  • Brooklyn, Brooke, and Brittany

Hope everyone has a good day!! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th!!!

Hi everyone!!!!
Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend!!! Well this past week has been a trip! My mom was trying to teach me to learn to drive standard. Well I know how I just need A LOT of practice. She took me driving around the neighborhood and I was doing pretty good until I got to this hill of DEATH! I stopped on the hill and it took forever to get going again, I kept rolling down the hill every time I tried to get the car going. A couple days later I needed to go to Hastings to take back some movies I had rented, of course mom made me drive the jeep, which is standard. On the way back home I was getting so frustrated because I stalling, and mom ended up driving the rest of the way home. We got home and my step dad was in a bad mood which isn't surprising. He kept getting angry with me about the cell phone bill and about me being lazy and blah blah blah. Have you ever been so angry that you wanted to cry? Well that is exactly how I felt. I tried my hardest to hold it in. Like I have said before I don't like to cry. It was really hard trying not to cry. Then Ash texted me!! I am so glad she did too. She made me feel a lot better and had me laughing.

Ash and I :)

The weekend finally came and had a bunch of my family from El Paso come and visit!! I got to see my most favorite cousin Johanna!!!! Before all my family arrived at my house Saturday afternoon my mom, sister, step dad and I got up bright and early to run a 5k. I was sure not prepared for that run. My time was horrible!! I am still a little sore!
The 4th was lots of fun! Went to the Freedom Fest and got to see Seether!! It was pretty AWESOME! After the concert sat there with my cousins and watched a pretty cool fireworks show. Every time we looked in the sky one of them would say what they thought the fireworks looked like, my cousins said stars and stuff like that. Then out of nowhere my little sister said "Woah!!! that one looks like a hamburger!" It was so funny! I think it was one of those you had to be there moments. Laughed a lot this weekend, I love having my family visit!

My cousins and I before the concert

So last but not least I thought I would let you know what going on this week! Band camp was cancelled so I decided I would miss out on the TBS summer meeting and so see my brother graduate from AIT. We are headed to North Carolina tomorrow!! I am super excited!! I haven't seen him in a while. Then on the way back home we are going to stop in Tennessee to visit some family we haven't seen in about 5 years!! That's a long time!!!!! Well I am off to bed. Got to get up bright and early to pack!!

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