Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rambunctious weekend!

 Rambunctious weekend kicks off the start of the school  year here at ASU. It also signifies the end of early week!! So it has been a super crazy busy week for the members of the Ram Band! It has been so hot out and man it's a killer. My treasurer duties have started for band council and that has been keeping me pretty busy also. I think I am getting in the hang of the treasurer job so things should go smoother as the season goes by. It is pretty exciting that my section consists of more than 1 piccolo and 2 flutes like it did last year. My roommates are all moved in also and I like them so far. Oh! and the fire alarm has already gone off 2 times and school hasn't even started yet. Really guys learn how to make popcorn and it'll make life easier for all of us. Amy is here now too and I am excited for all the craziness for this year. My friends from Killeen are here too and man... one of them complains way too much. But she is my friend and I've learned to deal with it. I am almost done decorating my room and I love it so far!!! Just a few more finishing touches and it'll be done! I am read for classes to start and football games!! Woot! Oh! My most favorite cousin has joined the bloggin world also you should go follow her,!
 School starts tomorrow!! Good luck to everyone that is still in school!!!


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