Sunday, August 8, 2010

6 Days and Counting

I have 6 more days until I am back in Angelo!!! I am super super super excited!!!!! I have a week to pack all my stuff again. My week on the other hand has been kind of boring. I hung out with some old high school friends on Saturday! That was lots of fun. We went to the pool and got asked to go to a party. My friends didn't want to go though, and I sure wasn't going to go alone, so we didn't go. Oh well. It was really nice seeing them though!! Other than that nothing exciting. So the coming week will consist of cleaning and packing, and hopefully going to the pool a couple more times. Oh!! So today was the start of football!!! My mom is a die hard Cowboys fan and football season can get kind of crazy in this house, she yells at the TV as if she is at the actual game, it's kind of funny actually. And also today I was annoying my family with random facts. I found some pretty interesting ones!! Did you know that Walt Disney was afraid of mice! Did you know that a dogs nose is like a human finger print, they are all different. Did you know that Bill Clinton was in 3 pornos. Did you know... are you annoyed yet?? Haha I could keep going on and on but I won't, I guess that's all for now. Have a good week!!!!


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