Monday, August 2, 2010

Love Yourself No Matter What!

Ok so I came across this picture, and I give major props to this girl whoever she is. I know that would not be able to do that. I wish I was confident enough to pose for a picture like that. Well I guess this brings me to talking to all the girls out there who hate or don't their bodies. I know that I am far from the skinniest or prettiest girl out there but I accept that. I wish that you all could accept yourselves the way you are. You are perfect just the way you are!! When you aren't feeling too good about yourself go out and do something special. Go get your nails done, buy some cute new clothes etc. I like to dress up! It makes me feel pretty!! So when you aren't feeling too good about yourself don't mope around, do something that makes you feel good and go show your confidence out to the world!!!

Well hope you have a good shark week!!!


Johanna said...

Why you gotta be yellin about being pretty!!! lol jk
Thanks, I AM beautiful :)
No 2 people are the same so that makes everyone unique and beautiful in their own way.
Love You :)

Johanna said...

you're beautiful also!!!

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