Monday, July 19, 2010

One Month!!!!

I can't wait!! :D

I have about a month until it is time to go back to San Angelo. I can't wait to hang out with the girls again! ASU it has been too long and now I am ready to go back. I have 2 new roommates this year along with Shakitha, who was my roommate last year. I'm excited to meet them. Thanks to facebook I have talked to both of them and they both seem really nice. I am excited to see all my brothers and sisters again too!! The fall is my favorite time of the school year because of marching band!! WOOO!! I love performing for the people during the football games even though half of them probably don't pay attention. I like football too thanks to my mom. She loves the COWBOYS!!

On another note, I have an exciting weekend already planned!!! A family friend is coming to visit on Friday and they are bringing their adorable babies!! Then on Sunday Ash is coming to visit too! We are going to go to DCI!! I've never been and have only seen them on TV so I am pretty excited!!!

Well I hope you all have an AMAZING week!!!


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